Calvin Klein Push Positive

My Contribution:
Art Direction
Graphic Design

10M YoutTube views in first month
Most viewed YouTube fashion film at the time
450M Campaign Impression

+30% site traffic increase

A complete campaign experience was built around a music video staring Lara Stone wearing Calvin Klein Underwear and dancing to Salt N Pepa’s “Push It,”. I led a team of creatives and designed digital media, a Facebook app, iPad app, and OOH to make this global campaign a massive success.  

Campaign Photography : Steven Klein


I led the design for the campaign experience assets. On Calvin’s site, we integrated their design and technology framework. 


I led design and art direction for a custom Facebook application that allowed controlled UGC that engaged +100k user interactions.


I designed the in-store associate tablet application at retail point of sale that became a platform for future campaign content beyond Push Positive. 


I led digital creative concepts in the pitch and integral part of the overarching campaign concept to successfully win this campaign and the execution of all parts.

Creative Team, Erik Torstensson,  Jas Rewkiewicz, Danny Mathews

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