Marc Jacobs Daisy Campaign

My Contribution:
Creative Direction
Art Direction
GWP Design
Graphic Design

2017 Clio Shortlist for Fashion and Beauty

Our goal was to create a social worthy campaign that drove to retail locations, and hacked social media without an expensive social partnership.

The solution was a custom phone camera lens, inspired by the daisy bottle, and available exlcusively at beauty counters. When used, the lens created a distortion effect, supporting the key creative theme throughout the campaign.


Create a socially driven campaign in order to drive foot traffic to beauty counters and fragrance sampling.


We wanted to create something memorable for mobile devices. With a lean bugdet, we could not create an A/R filter. Instead we developed a physical mobile phone camera lens. The accessory was obtained at beauty counters and gifted with purchase.


50k lenses distributed
$.30 unit lens cost


Clio Shortlist 2017


User Generated photo examples taken with the Daisy lens display the results of the distinct prism distortion effect


My team and I tested and 3D printed rapid prototypes to perfect the design of the Daisy lens


I led the creation and concepts for distinct social brand assets to promote the campaign on Instagram

Creative Team: Yan Sze Li, Jess Zhang, Oleg Pashkovsky

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