Nike Pro Bra Launch

My Contribution:
Creative Direction
Digital Design
CX Design
Photo Direction

I designed the end to end customer experience to launch, test and trial the new Nike Rival Pro Bra. Starting with a digital ecosystem to educate, and find the right fit we were able to provide customers confidence in product superiority by also giving her a size up and down if she took our diagnostic. The bras arrived in personalized packaging I designed with my art director. They included  the ability easily return product, inspire and validate fit in the comfort of her home.

This launch was successful by the rich online media ads I designed that entered her into the digital fit tool before she was taken to where her data from the banners carried over from. I led the concept to capture intimate portraits of Nike’s athletes juxtaposed with powerful poses used throughout the experience. 


The first 1,500 Customer’s were surprised and delighted by the customized and premium packaging for ordering their bra through the Nike fit tool. 


My art director and I devised a tape unique measurement tool for in-store Nike athletes* to help customers find their bra fit in one measurement. Nike roled this out to their stores.


My art direction for the campaign was to capture the athlete in action and also an intimate view of her style


The ad units started her into the diagnostic without taking her to If she went ahead to the site, the results carried over and she bypassed the steps she already answered.


I designed the ecosystem and customer experience across as well as digital marketing and service


2x conversion rate
10% of all purchases are a result from the fit tool

Creative Team: Cherlyn Russo, Rekishia Jessup, Natalee Ranii-Dropcho, Yuyu Lai

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