Nike Women : Case Study

Nike Pro Bra, Fit System Launch


80% of women wear the wrong sports bra. Nike sought to change this by imagining a new customer experience to help women and introduce the Pro Bra collection of sports bras. The centerpiece of this is the Nike Pro Rival Bra, which delivers the highest level of support and is offered in 25 sizes to help the female athlete find the right fit. 


Show + tell her we have the best sports bras in the world. Create an experience she can't miss and wants to share with her friends.


Hundreds of interviews
54 Athlete wear and wash tests over 26 weeks


During our discovery we analyzed dozens of best in class competitor models around service, fit and customer experience.


1. She doesn’t look to .com to shop sports bras
2. The try-on experience in-store and at-home is uncomfortable and gross
3. She doesn’t know what amazing fit feels like and what it can do for her

4. Her bra is the most important item


1. We can shape her behavior
2. Celebrate fit across each touchpoint in her journey
3. The best fit unlocks her potential

Fit Tool Prototype UX

Fit Tool Prototype Test


We mapped the entire end to end customer experience based on the customer research and insights. My initial hypothesis was to create a mobile application that could identify the perfect fit and also validate the fit through exercises during try-on / post purchase. 

The prototype was tested by 20 women but performed poorly. We revised the customer experience to be more wholistic and integrated within her digital ecosystem.


1. Unsure where to begin
2. Uncertainty of size
3. Shipping costs
4. Lack of expert guidance and support from real people


1. Clear hierarchy to shopping journey
2. Nike pro fit guide to make an accurate measurement, along with one size up and one size down to try with package
3. Free shipping upon completion of nike pro fit guide
4. Seamless returns by mail or in store
5. User reviews and Real time support


I led my team in thinking of our entire ecosystem as a branded experience. The global roll out of this required an elevated and distinct approach. This logo above was used throughout and supported globally with a brand design guide toolkit. 


Women athletes were juxtaposed between b/w portraits and action shots. The performance side and style of each was intimately shown. Each athlete chosen reflects a distinct sport and body-type. During our discovery / concept phase my team and I led the concept for the key visual art direction.


Rich media digital ads launched the global campaign and introduced the Nike Pro 360º Fit System. Within the ads, we engaged women to start the fitting process. When clicking in from the ads, they were dropped into the Fit System with their data sent over.


We were confident that the Fit System tool could accurate lead her to the best bra possible. The experience was modified to be much more simple than our prototype. The end result was a reccomended bra along with size up and down, plus free easy shipping and returns. 


To reward early adopters and turn customers into loyal enthusiasts, we created an elevated and personalized unboxing experience for purchases using the 360º Fit System. Our goal was to surprise and delight customers, make them feel a deeper connection to Nike, and believe in the value of a product that can transform.

I led the design of this system to include a welcome note, booklet to validate fit, washbag, and tape measure. All materials were containted in a premium hard board box with athlete quotes printed inside the top lid. 


While our initial fit assistant app prototype failed, we believed there was value in addressing the in-store experience as a opportunity for big improvement. My art director and I devised an innovative tape measurement tool for Nike’s in-store associates. We distilled the Fit System into a single step that was translated onto the tape measure, thus allowing customers to easily and discretely find their bra size without. Nike roled this out to their owned and operated stores.


Nike continues to maintain and support the fit system in helping women find their sports bra on This end-to-end experience paved the way for that continued effort. 

Within campaign first year:
2x conversion rate
10% of all purchases are a result from the fit tool


Creating a new end to end customer experience with the goal of shifting a customer’s behaviours around how she shops for a sports bra was a big and tricky project. The results were seen as a success, but the experience lacked more of a personalized human connection than we had hoped for. I am proud of the work we created as a team and being able to impact everything from art direction of photography, branding, customer experience and digital product design for a tool this complex is incredible in the span of a few months. 


Creative Director at Wednesday Agency
Customer Experience, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Product Design


Cherlyn Russo, Rekishia Jessup, Natalee Ranii-Dropcho, Yuyu Lai