My Contribution:
Creative Direction
Photo Art Direction
Graphic Design
Content Creation
Site Design
Social and Content Strategy


We repositioned Tacori as California aspirational luxury and launched with a campaign that centered on the “Tacori Girl”. This celebrates the heritage, and spirit of the brand in a lifestyle direction that influenced all aspects of brand marketing and visuals for digital and OOH.

Campaign Photography, Lachlan Bailey


California Aspirational Luxury

I led the team in expressing the new brand strategy and positioning. This was inspired by the family and heritage of the brand. We wanted to express the new modern American Dream, epitomized by the aspiration universally understood by the mentione of the name California.


My team and I developed “She Is Tacori,” to introduce the new brand positioning using photography and content we created. To support this, we roled out a instagram hashtag competition and engaged influencers who embodied “California Apsirational Luxury”. This all lived within a newly redesigned responsive site on the homepage and as a content and commerce integrated campaign destination. 


The new site design captured an entire make-over for the brand with new photography, typography, and user experience to support their eCommerce goals.


My team and I art directed and captured a year’s worth of ad campaigns, still-life photography for social and the site, as well as 60 social posts to support the content strategy we put in place.


We branded select social assets with a logo water mark, engaged artists and influencers as well as photographed content to support the new brand positioning. This content lived on all social channels with Instagram as the focus.


I led my team to consider all aspects of the graphic design as opportunities to support the brand positioning. My Art Director developed the basis for a custom font we produced for Tacori that they own in perpetuity and embodies all the qualities of the brand.

Creative Team, Erik Torstensson, Marcelena Restrepo, Rekishia Jessup, Jorge Balarezo, Natelee Ranii-Dropcho, Ian Schatzberg