In-Store Mobile App


The In-Store app was first launched to coincide with the opening of the Chicago flagship store, enhance the shopping experience, and connect with customers. 


Uniqlo was opening a new 60k square foot store on Michigan Ave. They wanted to eliminate printed circulars and understand who their local customers are in order to effectively market to them. 


The app utilized an onboarding diagnosis to capture key  customer preferential data in order to customize the content and experience. Capturing this data was incentivized through a loyalty program and gamification which gave prizes for increased customer engagement. This data was the basis for building an effective regional CRM program for Uniqlo’s email database and marketing.


By understanding traffic flow within the store, I created strategic messaging in placements that encouraged app download, interactivity with key features, and reward redemption. We utilized a combination of traditional and digital signage like the above to drive engagement in places where found-time occured such as checkout, escalators, and dressing rooms. 


The app was completely integrated with the Chicago store footprint and inventory. Through the app and with the customer’s preferences saved, products  were recommended and easily discovered for try-on and purchase.  


The success of the app in Chicago netted +100k new customer accounts that included preferential and demographic data. As a result, Uniqlo scaled the program to 4 additional stores in 3 cities across the US.


Creative Director at The Science Project

Creative & Art Direction, Digital Product Design


Kensuke Sato, Peter Chang, Vanessa Brown