My Contribution:
Creative Direction
Photo Art Direction
Graphic Design

I led the creative which modernized Vince, gave the brand a fresh point of view and voice. Starting with digital first and eCommerce, I also led the creation of an editorial hub to anchor their stores and style in something called “Neighborhoods.” This included producing photography, sophisticated digital experience and new brand look across their digital ecosystem.

The “Neighborhoods,” became a content franchise that inspired the concept for the above the line campaign, which we photographed with Lachlan Bailey and produced OOH ads and assets.


Redesign Vince’s shopping experience online


We took a brand and content first approach by giving Vince a much needed editorial voice that blended content and commerce, new product photography, graphic language and an above the line campaign.


+21% Average order value
+17% Conversion rate


I led the art direction for new product photography that gives on-figure more style and attitude, laydowns have more contrast and elevating still-life as sculptural objects on a pedastal.


By using sticky elements, I designed a product page that was innovative for the time and still modern today. The overall appearance is clean but follows best practices by keeping cross-sells above the fold to reinforce shopping and styling. 

Head-to-toe looks are also reinforced by the blend of content which is woven into the page below the alt views through the “Neighborhoods,” we created.

“The goal of Neighborhoods is to create an omnichannel experience that bridges the in-store and online customers,”

- Beth Cohn, SVP of retail and e-commerce at Vince

Creative Team, Erik Torstensson, Cherlyn Russo, Natalie Ranii-Dropcho